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Business Monitor International

Business Monitor International is a market leader in business intelligence. Our online subscription service is relied upon by over 90% of the Global Fortune 500 companies, investment banks and government agencies.

Our clients rely on our political and economic risk assessment, our asset class analysis, ratings and forecasts, and rigorous benchmarking of the business environment. In addition,our extensive analysis, forecasts and competitive landscape coverage of 17 industry sectors for each country’s market deliver an extraordinary level of breadth and depth of information.

Company Strategy and Commitment to our Employees

The Business Monitor International corporate goal is to become the world's number 1 information provider in our sector as reflected by both market share and reputation.

So that we can achieve this goal, BMI only employs the brightest, most ambitious and most talented people, thereby creating an exciting, interesting, diverse and intellectually challenging working environment.

We are committed to the ongoing professional development of our employees across Country Risk, Industry Analysis, Production, Sales, Marketing, Subscriptions, Information Technology, HR and Finance . We value the considerable contribution to the business made by all of our staff. We are an equal opportunities employer.

Areas of Expertise

Business Monitor International offers three main areas of expertise:

Country Risk

BMI's country risk and macroeconomic forecast portfolio includes weekly financial market reports, monthly regional Monitors, and in-depth quarterly Business Forecast Reports.

Industry Analysis

BMI covers a total of 17 industry verticals through a portfolio of services, including Daily Alerts, monthly regional Insights, and in-depth quarterly Country Forecast Reports.

Company Intelligence

Our Company Intelligence service profiles top multinational and national companies operating across more than 50 major emerging markets worldwide, and 32 industry verticals. This service is available in the following formats: directories, CD-ROMs and online database access.